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Music is the ship on which my words voyage out across the seas of the world, a journey embarked upon with the intention to bring happiness and laughter, healing and insight - ultimately, connection.


These verses embody my love for this planet, all of humanity and the uni-verse as a whole.


Within them are many different ideas, views and interpretations regarding the cosmos and our collective journey in harmony with it; these I offer up not with expectation nor conviction, but as gifts

- as is all art - to elucidate and benefit in which ever way chosen by you.


The deeper you dig, the more you will find;

The more you realise, the higher you rise.

Blue Child Collective

Track Listing


1. Blue Child


2. Ocean Eye


3. Grace My Girl


4. Mountain House


5. Honig


6. Windbreak


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Saturn Saw The Seaside

Track Listing


1.   Sailor's Song


2.   Drifter


3.   Poseidon's Shell Melody


4.   Slow


5.   Seaweed Sunset

6.   Taylor's Mistake


7.   Tea On The Jetty


8.   The Ultimate Image


9.   Kalbarri


10. Salt Spray


11. Gardener


12. Bungalow Baby


13. Saturn Saw The Seaside


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Wattle Tree Corroboree

Track Listing


1.   Wattle Tree Corroboree


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Wake Up To The Sound

Track Listing


1.   Wake Up To The Sound


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Track Listing


1.   DIVE


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