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Blue Child Collective is a fluid groove collaboration born on the rugged coastline of Margaret River, Western Australia.


At its heart is Dan White, director of The West Australian Guitar Festival, prolific songwriter, keen producer and fingerstyle artisan who has a swathe of albums, documentaries and more to his name. From his thought-provoking lyrics to the Collective’s engaging live performances, “Blue Child Collective is connecting people through music” (Scenstr), creating waves that earned them an award for West Australian Music’s Best Regional Act and shows with The Cat Empire, Xavier Rudd, Sticky Fingers, San Cisco, Teskey Brothers, Ash Grunwald, The Jungle Giants and many more.


The Collective's third record, “Saturn Saw The Seaside”, captured in Corsica, France and released late 2016 saw them knock out over 250 shows across Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore in 2 years of full on touring, bringing both full band dance offs and intimate solo/duo performances to a rapidly growing global following.


With their 4th record, “Wake Up To The Sound”, featuring an all class line up out in November 2018, 2019 saw the group bust out a 16-date Australian Tour in Jan-Feb, along with another New Zealand tour in March, and another documentary, titled “The Art Of Sound”, out later in the year.

Releasing their last single in January 2020, Dan shifted his attention to new projects and put BCC on hiatus after collaborating with scores of incredible artists around the world and releasing 4 records and 3 documentaries in the Collective's 6-year lifespan.



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"Blue Child Collective is connecting people through music."



Music brings people together;

it has the power to break down social barriers and remind us of our common humanity, promoting a #cultureofconnection by bringing us closer to each other, our own self and the world around us through the sharing of songs.

Blue Child Collective = humans of this planet

Let's bring more harmony to the world through harmonic music.

- Dan White, Blue Child Collective

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