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Released July 2018

Inspired by apnea and nautical freefall, "Dive" is a rolling harmonic journey into the depths of the sea and self. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be standing 20m underwater on the ocean floor? Ever wondered why humans go there? A gateway to focus and peace, freediving is a meditation, and Blue Child Collective’s latest will carry you along with them to that place too.


Recorded by Paul "PaulieB" Bromley at Yama-Nui Studio,

Kiels Mountain, Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

Produced & Mixed by PaulieB & Dan White

Mastered by Sean "Diggo" Diggins at Digital Diggo, Yallingup, WA Australia

Music & Lyrics by Dan White & Blue Child Collective

Arrangement by Dan White

Cover Photo by Andre Rerekura Creative

Design by Dan White


Vocals & Guitars - Dan White

Double Bass - Owen James "OJ" Newcomb

Drums - Charles "Bobby" Wall

 Harmonium - Raphael Laliberte-Desgagne



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