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Collaboration and connection is the fundamental bridge between the perceivably mundane world and a higher existence; when you combine your strengths with others’ you become more than just yourself and pave the way to something far greater than any individual could achieve.


More than just a musician, Blue Child Collective is a platform which facilitates connection, collaboration, expression and creativity which can be presented as a single ideology: we are one. We are all children born of this little Blue Planet in the vast cosmos - in essence, a collective. 


We each realise and express this in different ways, but ultimately, if we are living our passion to the best of our ability and in a light which benefits the world as a whole, then we are honouring our place in this world and our part of the whole.


I have been bringing this message to national and international audiences for over 10 years now, and through collaboration with other musicians, photographers, videographers, artists, designers, manufacturers, organisers and innovators have built the Collective as an entity to not only help the global community foster belief in their purpose, but also for specific individuals to develop their craft and project it to a wider audience.


Here are a few of our major partners!

The Axiom

Clothing, Media, Events

Our label reflects our ethos of relevancy, honesty and sustainability whilst recognising the paradox of invention.


Born on the run, The Axiom emerged organically as a simple way to move the paint to the pavement – a way to give tangible form to the unique formlessness of creativity, a platform to share broad ideas and start conversations, and a way of giving something back.

Offering quality organic clothing with designs which challenge the norm, The Axiom also involve themselves in community projects such as beach clean ups, carbon offset schemes and look to collaborate in order to benefit the wider population.

The Creative Corner

The Creative Corner is a collaborative network of creatives in Australia's South West, covering film, music, communications, design, technology and the arts. 


The network delivers a range of benefits that provide a conduit to project opportunities, educational platforms and partnerships. This like minded group has developed Emergence Creative as the group's signature event, which within 2 years has established itself as a world class festival and is now in its fourth year.


The Creative Corner aims to connect creative people, businesses, services and events in the SW region with each other, and with opportunities within and outside the region.


CC provide a service to help promote as well as identify and fill short-comings to assist in maintaining and growing creative industry in the region, as well as lobbying for support for increased infrastructure, assistance & education for the creative sector, promoting the sector and the creative work done within the region and attracting further creative industry to the region.

Mudstone Spa Retreat

The quintessential south west getaway in the heart of Pemberton's Karri rainforest, Mudstone Spa Retreat provides an array of unique and luxurious accommodation.

From couples wanting that perfect luxury romantic escape for a private and special weekend away to travelers wanting a longer, home stay experience 'with a little luxury thrown in', we can cater for you.


You can choose from 'The Cottage', a private retreat where you can spend hours lazing in the heated Jacuzzi and reviving yourself in the beautiful timber sauna, or for those on a budget, but wanting something better than a hostel or hotel, we have private rooms available in a shared, home style accommodation at the 'Manor'.

A favourite of Blue Child Collective's for a place to get away in the forest and write, relax and practice.

Von Dresselt Boards


Based in Vasse, in Australia's South West - a region renowned for its quality waves - Ryan Von Dresselt offers an impressive range of personally hand shaped boards, along with the ability to custom shape boards to suit exactly the weapon you've been dreaming of!

Artist Colabs


Her Name Is Murder Productions
"Blue Child Documentary" (2016)
"Gardener" Studio Video
The Axiom (AUS/IDN)
"Grace My Girl" Live Vid w/ Sticky Fingers
"SSTS" Album Launch Video
Rhys Mckay (WA, AUS)
"Blue Child" Docco Screening Feature Vid


Russell Ord (WA, AUS)
- Promo shots, contribution to SSTS
Ben Parker Photography (WA, AUS)
Live Shots
Driftwood Photography
(WA, AUS) 
Live Shots
Backroom Media (WA, AUS)
Live Shots, Promo Shots
Paris Hawken Photography
 (WA, AUS)
Promo Shots
Her Name Is Murder Productions
Promo Shots
Luke De Vries (WA, AUS)
Live Shots

Want to create with us?

Get in touch!


Emjay Angeni (NZ)
Cover & booklet art for
"Saturn Saw The Seaside
BCC Logo
Alice Rugg (WA, AUS)
Cover art for "Blue Child Collective" EP
Cover art for "Rivermouth" EP


Emjay Angeni (NZ)
Posters, Logo
Procopy (AUS)
Design "Blue Child Collective" EP


Studio L'Angelina (FR)
"Saturn Saw The Seaside" LP (2016)
Dave Mann (WA, AUS)
"Rivermouth" EP (2015)
Goonie Records (WA, AUS)
"Blue Child Collective" EP (2015)
Digital Diggo Mastering (WA, AUS)


LIVE - too many to count!
Blue Child Collective EP (2015)
Matty Edmond (WA, AUS)
Callum Ffoulkes (WA, AUS)
Rivermouth EP (2015)
Lindsay Baker (WA, AUS)
Matty Edmond (WA, AUS)
Dave Mann (WA, AUS)
Saturn Saw The Seaside (2016)
Roger Biwandu (FR)
Kevin Reveyrand (FR)
Lindsay Baker (WA, AUS)
Emjay Kim (NZ)
JB Rongiconi (FR)
Christophe Menc (FR)
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