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Released May 2018

"Charming and charismatic vocal delivery with a 90s flow that gives this track life. Horns are great too - it's a funky number you can really get down and groove to."

Nkechi Anele

Triple J - ROOTS N ALL

An upbeat, groove-based dance tune featuring skanky guitar and punchy horns, “Wake Up To The Sound” is a lively party-vibe track which will reveal the cosmic doorways you never realised you’ve always known. Carving out vivid imagery with “sonic sound-scaping”, BCC dissects the nature of sound with this light-hearted yet philosophical exploration of vibration, provoking you to think about music and life in a fresh new light.


Recorded by Paul "PaulieB" Bromley at Yama-Nui Studio,

Kiels Mountain, Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

Produced & Mixed by PaulieB & Dan White

Mastered by Sean "Diggo" Diggins at Digital Diggo, Yallingup, WA Australia

Music & Lyrics by Dan White & Blue Child Collective

Arrangement by Dan White & PaulieB

Cover Art by Pillow Talk

Design by Dan White


Vocals & Guitar - Dan White

Bass - Owen James "OJ" Newcomb

Drums - Charles "Bobby" Wall

Saxophone - Lindsay Baker

Trumpet - Ken Allars

Percussion & Keys - Paulie Bromley



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